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>> a pakistani senior tribal leader has been killed. captioned by the national captioning institute >> hello. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. five men are due to be charged in court with the murder and gang rape of a young woman. rebels are attacked in a northern state. in late -- in nigeria, floods destroyed crops across 20 states.
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a senior pakistani tribal leader has been killed by an unmanned u.s. plane. he was one of the top commanders. it was part of the tribal region where the united states has been targeting insurgent leaders. he has been killed with five others. we are joined from islamabad for more on who the man was. >> he was a senior commander from the south region who was active in carrying out attacks inside afghanistan. he made no secret of it. he was a respected member of the tribe. the tribe lives on both sides of the border.
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he offered a great help to the pakistani authorities when he took on the fallen fighters. he moved them from their territory and it enabled the pakistani military to go on a major offensive against another try. an important figure -- against another try and. tribe.her >> the strikes appear to be undermining efforts to come to a truce in the region. >> it was not just been thrown strike that killed him, but another strike that had not far away. there were two drones strikes. 10 people killed and four other people killed. a rescue is underway to see if
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there are any survivors. there have been questions about the thrones strikes. pakistan will not be happy because it has expressed its willingness to try to reach a negotiated settlement. another -- pakistan has also been using its connections with leaders like the man who was killed and not carrying out attacks inside pakistan, but making no secret that they were waging war inside afghanistan. >> thanks very much from -- for joining us. five men in india are due to be charged for the murder and gang rape of a young woman. the case caused outrage across the country. the 23-year old student died in
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a hospital over the weekend. there is a demands for stricter laws for rape and crimes against women. what do you expect to be happening at the court today? >> the courts are going to close in about 20 minutes. the church sheets first went to the -- charge sheets first went to the high court to make sure everything was accurate. they will be e-mails into the courts. from there, it will be given to the cues so they can go through it. the document is about 1000 pages long. 900 pages are witness' testimony, including from the victim herself who gave a statement from her hospital bed. basically, this will set up the case in the next coming days.
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>> we know that this case has been fast track. lawyers have decided they would not be defending the suspects. our people satisfied they will get a fair hearing? >> people here are concerned although there has been a judgment on them before the case started. we have seen protests on the street. the supreme court has set the case can be thrown out if the accused do not have the opportunity to defend themselves properly. the district high court, where the case is taking place, and 25 minutes -- members of the by association, said they will not raise their hands to defend the accused. lawyers have a choice on whether they want to come forward and defend their clients. in this case, the government will have to appoint a
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prosecutor. if the lawyer is from a district court, it will have no choice but to defend them. there is concern that the cues have already gone through a child by the public in the media even before the case comes to the court. many have already made up their mind about what the results should be. >> thank you very much. we will be keeping a close eye on proceedings. more than 60,000 people are known to have died in the syrian conflict. that is the assessment from the u.n. human rights chief. the figure is truly shocking. the violence is continuing into the new year as this report shows. >> on the outskirts of damascus. the footage shows up devastating government air strikes can be. we cannot show you the dozens of bodies burned or mutilated
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beyond recognition. the deaths as to a toll of 60,000. that is nearly 100 a day. the estimate is based on several sources over five months. the figure may still be low. >> it could be more. we have taken a statistical analysis of several casualties that exists and analyze them and removed all of the double counting. the criteria is quite strict. there may well be people have been killed who are not included as a result. >> the government is stepping up its campaign to push rebels away from the capital of damascus. shelling goes on across the country. men raced to get an injured child to a field hospital.
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there is reported to be intense fighting for control of the military air base. rebels are targeting the government's airpower. they claim to have destroyed at least one helicopter. the government calls the armed opposition terrorist. >> an arrest in connection with the ousting of the eighth vote -- a pro-islamic government in the 1990's. the man was taken from his home to the turkish capital. australian supermarkets are running out of its popular brands of baby formula. chinese citizens are buying it all up and shipping it back home. >> this is one of many pharmacies that has run out of these two leading brands of baby
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formula. they have not had it in stocks since well before christmas. chinese businesses thought up the last of the remaining stock. chinese want australian baby milk formula because they do not trust their own. in 2008 there was a scandal with industrial chemicals that killed six children and 300,000 fell ill. with increasing numbers of chinese businessmen coming to australia on holiday, they are using that to take the advantage of buying up baby formula and taking it back home with them. the company that makes the product except that it harsh -- there are shortages. they intend to increase production by 50% over the next 12 months. they accept that there are shortages. >> the miramar military has admitted to carrying out air strikes in the northern part of
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the state. we have a report from bangkok. >> i can judge and helicopter gunships over the skies in northern me and mark. they are targeting rebel positions -- helicopter gunships over the skies in northern myanmar. each side blames the other for violent flareups that begin next week. that raises concerns within the international committee calling for an end to the violence. ban ki8 moon urged -- ban ki moon urged the government to stop the air strikes. both sides need to work toward and into the conflict. the fighting has displaced 100,000 people. >> the upper states should be
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freezing right now. they are worried about being burmese government attacking their refugee camp. >> they want greater freedom from the central government. it is the only rebel group in my and martha does not have an agreement with the government -- myan mar and does not -- myanmar that does not have an agreement with the government. the opposition leader has not been able to get talks started. >> still ahead here on al jazeera, find out what bolivia has rejected the united nation'' plan to conserve its rainforest.
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and find out why and beer makers are battling in the u.s. >> hello once again. you can see the clouds moving in from the west. it looks as though we will be seen changeable weather with ran across parts of germany. that was a will push in over the next couple of days. in the u.k. and france, temperatures are not too bad. a top temperature of 11 degrees in madrid. across parts of northern africa, some clouds moving in across libya.
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the wind coming in from the northwest. temperatures no higher than 21 degrees. it extends southwest as we move into central price of africa. seasonal rains pushing away further -- it extends southwest as we move into central parts of africa. we have seen significant parts of rainfall in zanzibar. it is a mixed bag.
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>> hello again. top stories here on al jazeera. five men in india are due to be charged in court of the murder and a gang rape of a young woman. the 23-year-old woman died in a hospital in singapore. thousands have been calling for stricter laws to protect women. air strikes against rebels in the northern state in myanmarl . more now on our top story. more about the tribal leader's life. >> he has been a crucial link. only for connections between the pakistani and afghan taliban and
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for harold al qaeda. he was suspected of having sheltered and -- and for afghan al qaeda. he was suspected of sheltering an being a part of the command and control. they were planning attacks across the border on american and coalition troops. he was using that clout with the pakistan military to provide support to al qaeda in some of the fighters being transported into afghanistan for fighting coalition troops. >> the father of an activist has
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been given a job. the attack sparked protests across pakistan. aid agencies in nigeria are warning of a severe food shortage. there were floods in october. we have this report. >> a few months ago, a farmer was hoping to make a million dollars from his field. now it is all gone, destroyed by floods. >> we have to send money. we use all the necessary food. it is really painful to us. >> to rental rain hit more than 20 states last october. -- torah until -- torrential
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rains to shohet crops last year. >> by family used to depend on my 15th house. now they are all gone. it is one of nigeria's may include: areas. -- main food growing areas. food prices have also risen. >> some foods and vegetables are hard to get these days. today it is $300 when it was less than $100.
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>> government officials agree that the situation is bad. >> we are getting food assistance from the federal government. >> many doubt handouts from the government will be enough. it will only be sending farmers back to the fields that will make sure food crises do not last longer. >> the action aid department in nigeria says the response to food shortages is not working. >> food is not sufficient.
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it is impacting negatively on food production in the country. the country has continued to rely on zero oil for its survival. we also -- the country has continued to rely on oil for its survival. if this country has to respond to create economic situations and create job opportunities for young people, nigeria needs to invest. >> two u.n. peacekeepers have been released in sue gun after being held four months. it is still the would-have been released in the sudan after being held four months. a gunman has killed three people and wounded two others in
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switzerland. it happens in a southern village. the gunman had reportedly been drinking heavily before the shooting. he has been arrested. venezuela's opposition says it was clear answers on the position of president chavez as she battles cancer. the health of the long time -- as he battles can sen. he is going through a full round of -- as he battles cancer. he is going through a full round of cancer treatment. the bolivian government has ideas of its own about the rain forests. >> she has lived and worked in the rainforest 40 years. >> i cultivate coffee and it
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grows well. i go to the village in order to sell it and buy groceries. >> nearly half of bolivia is rain forest. it is losing trees by 330,000 hectacres a year. the strategy calls for particular countries to conserve through carbon trading. the government of checks to the plan and has recently passed a plan of its own -- the government of checks to the plan and has recently passed a plan -- objects to the plan and has recently passed a plan of its own. the mother earth law says the land has a right to protection. it focuses on developing the
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coal friendly relationships between human beings and the environment. the-eco- -- eco-friendly of relationships between human beings and the environment. most rely heavily on genetically modified seats. for most people living in these forests, support mother earth seems like a natural way of life. >> the flores is important for breathing fresh air. we have the water and humidity and we enjoyed the annals and the birds. it is important for the environment. the animals and the birds. >> u.s. president barack obama has signed a bill to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. he has returned from his holiday in hawaii.
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the deal agreed to by democrats and republicans will raise taxes on top earnings and maintaining race for the middle class. the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, has left a new york hospital where she was treated for a blood clot between her brain and skull. she was accompanied by her husband, former president bill clinton, and her daughter. she sustained a concussion after fainting and hitting her head. a deal to take over the u.s. cable channel, current tv. >> 2012 has been a dynamic here for news. the purchase of current tv opens the way for the news, al jazeera america. the channel will be available in more than 40 million homes across the u.s. >> what do you think about the
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idea of a television network with the people to create? >> current tv was created by former vice president al gore. >> we have crews across the country. >> after we branding, al jazeera of america will contain coverage from -- re-branding, al jazeera america will contain coverage from around the world. how jazeera will significantly expand our existing -- al jazeera will significantly expand our existing business. we look forward to looking the 1-2 working with our cable and satellite partners. -- we look for to working with our cable and satellite partners. al jazeera english has picked up
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numerous awards. the channel has worked hard to get distribution across the u.s. it has been widely praised for its international coverage and sports reporting. >> just behind his corner, and i cannot take you around it because there are snipers firing. >> even drawing this from hillary clinton. >> cure ship from al jazeera is going up in the united states -- if you were shipped from al jazeera is going up in the united states -- viewership on al jazeera is going up in the united states. >> the white house in washington d.c.. how jazeera has coverage in just a handful of cities including
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washington and new york. it will mean an increase of staff numbers in the u.s. there will be operations in new york, miami, chicago, and los angeles. the channel has not been given the necessary government approval. >> there is a $95 billion business in the u.s., but growers have seen an increasing amount of their market share go to independent growers. >> behind this door between teamsters on an industrial new jersey street, and the dance between dumpsters on an industrial -- dumpdyrtd -- dumpsters on an industrial new
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a battle isket, brewing. americans have developed an unquenchable thirst for craft beers. there are three employees and a booming business. each year, sales for craft brewers grow another 15%. when microbrewers become macro bourse, the thick thighs become --
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